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8 Awesome Toys For Creative Play

9:56:00 AM

Back in 2011 Jonathan H. Liu wrote an article for wired.com called "The 5 Best Toys of All Time" The title is linked to the article if you wish to read the whole thing. Here are his selections:

  1. Stick
  2. Box
  3. String
  4. Cardboard Tube
  5. Dirt
This article was brought to my attention yesterday by a customer of mine who pointed out that here in the studio we have 4 out of the 5! (Really we have all five...I think I need to do a deep cleaning, lol)
This got me thinking about kids and creative play. It reminded me of some of my very favorite toys from childhood as well.

Two pieces of plywood hinged together and an empty rope spool. These toys were given to me and my brother for Christmas one year by a dear family friend and they provided hours of entertainment throughout the years...Yes I said years. I still had them when I went away to collage!

Here in our studio I have seen the toys listed above turn into magnificent creations when a child's imagination is at play. I would also have to add a few more toys to this list, however:

  1. Corks
  2. bottle caps
  3. tin cans 
These are toys that are readily available to just about anyone,  they provide hours of creative play, and are engaging to all ages! The examples below were all made in our studio some by small children, some by teens, and some by adults... What could you come up with? Stop by our studio during Open Studio Hours or even raid your own recycle bin. Could you ask for a better rainy day activity? 

I would love to see what you create leave a photo in the comment section or on Instagram with the hashtag #knoxartrocks or #basementartstudio.

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