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Art Prompt 3- Torn Paper Collage

9:00:00 AM

These are some of my favorite projects to do. There is something about tearing little bits of paper that is quite therapeutic! I have done several such collages throughout my life from simple rainbow color collages like the one I did above to more involved collages. In college I did a torn paper self portrait, which took weeks to complete. I wish I had it still to share with you. The pieces were so very tiny!

For this Prompt all you need are a stack of old magazines, a glue stick, and something to glue your collage to. If you are working in a sketchbook or journal great, if not any piece of plain paper will do.

There is no right or wrong way to tear paper, simply start with colors, pictures, or words that resonate with you. Any size or shape will do. The idea is to overlap your torn pieces of paper so that you cover the entire page you are working on.

I chose to continue with the rainbow colors (ROYGBIV). This time I worked in a circular fashion with my warm colors on to and my cool colors on bottom. I also chose a phrase that resonated with me for a focal point.

I think it makes a nice spread with last week's prompt too! I would love to see what you create. Post a photo in the comment section!

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