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Brynn & Jen
Hi I am Jen. I am a co-owner of the Basement Community Art Studio. I started this studio with my dear friend Brynn in 2015. Brynn owns 2 other businesses here in TN Lox Salon and White Buffalo Children's Boutique. Both Brynn and I will be the ones you will likely see at studio events or speak to if you are wanting to book t he studio, so I thought I would introduce us!  I (Jen) am also the one maintaining the blog so If you choose to follow along you will be hearing from me a lot, lol.
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A bit about Jen:

  • I have my degree in Textiles Merchandising and Design with minors in Art and in Human Sciences.
  • I am fascinated by and have studied the Montessori Method of early childhood education.
  • I  love to teach art and I am influenced by the TAB philosophy (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) which relies on artistic choice and regards students as artists. Read more about how TAB has inspired me here. I am also very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach, especially as it applies to art. Reggio also honors each child as an artist. They tend to focus on sensory based art experiences for young children. They use a lot of nature and other nontraditional art materials in their process based art explorations.
  • I believe that everyone no matter their age or skill level is capable of creativity & art. I also believe that everyone can benefit from allowing creative play into their lives! There are lots of studies proving the many benefits of art and creativity! I feel like art can be a wonderful practice to bring you more into the present which is why I truly believe in the connection between mindfulness and art! 
  • In 2017 I partnered with another friend Dorothy Verbick to start Creating Mindfulness, a business dedicated to helping people; especially women, to connect with their own inner creativity through a creative mindfulness practice. 
  • It is my goal, through the studio and the blog, to spark your creativity and to help you find ways to allow more creative play into you life, so please follow along by signing up for our email list (Click on the "Stay Informed" tab above).


A bit about Brynn:

  • Brynn graduated form Beauty School in 2006.
  • She opened LOX Salon in Knoxville's Old City later that year.
  • Brynn has always been involved with the Downtown community ever since opening LOX. She has a vested interest in helping the Old City to become a family friendly place to be! She hosts many events outside of salon hours that support arts in the community including several Rhythm & Blooms Events, First Friday Art Shows, and so much more!
  • Brynn partnered with Jen in 2015 to open the Basement Community Art Studio, providing yet another opportunity to support family, the Downtown community, and the arts here in Knoxville.
  • In 2016 Brynn expanded again opening White Buffalo Children's Boutique in the Old City which provides the downtown community with a space to find unique, quality children's apparel and gifts as well as another space to host community events geared toward families!
The Studio

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