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Art Prompt 5- Color Play

9:00:00 AM

Supplies Needed:

  1. Various colors of paint. Choose colors you are drawn to and that you like together. Keep in mind that some colors when mixed make brown... If you are familiar with the color wheel opposite colors make brown. If you wish to avoid this choose colors that are either warm (Reds, Yellows, oranges)or cool (Blues, Greens, Purples) as they are pretty safe. When you get a bit more experienced with your color theory start to experiment with other color combinations! 
  2. Paint Brush
  3. Paper, thick paper works best I used 70# multi purpose paper, but if you don't have this a piece of card stock will work.
  4.  Optional. I also added stickers that I made using a hole punch and sticky back vinyl (such as contact paper).  

As you paint notice how the colors mix and move over your paper. I chose to work in diagonal lines but you could really use any brush strokes on this prompt. The idea is to begin to play with color. Have fun and feel free to share your color play experiments in the comments below!

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