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Art Prompt 6- Black Paper

9:00:00 AM

Metallic Gel Pens and Sharpies on Black
It is always fun to change things up a bit. For this prompt we will be using solid black paper instead of traditional white!
1. Black Paper (or black acrylic paint)
2. A variety of Metallic/white pens

  • Gel Pens
  • Sharpies
  • Paint pens
3. Acrylic paint in light colors
4. Metallic stamp pad and stamps

If using black paint, prepare your pages in advance by painting them solid black. Allow plenty of drying time so that you don't damage your pens! Experiment with different mediums on your black paper or choose just one to work with. Start with a quote from a song or a poem or where ever and let it inspire your art or simply start drawing/doodling! Have fun.
Metallic Stamps and Collage on Black
Acrylic Paint on Black
Metallic Gel Pens on Black
I would love to see how your creative session went, feel free to leave a comment with a picture of your work or a link to it!

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