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Messy Baby Art

9:00:00 AM

This is hands down my favorite class! I love to watch these tiny artists at work discovering art through their senses!  It is through their senses that they begin to make connections that help them understand the world they are in and their place in it. It is an amazing thing to witness these small children exploring art through their sense of sight, touch, and sometimes taste, lol! (Though we do not encourage eating the paints.)
For these classes we use nontoxic, child safe, washable tempera paints. We move all the furniture out of our way and spread large sheets of paper on to the floor. We place trays with the paints and trays with various tools (brushes, sponges, rollers, stamps...) on the paper for the babies to explore. We encourage babies to explore in old onsies or just their diapers. We show them how to use the tools by demonstrating and then offering the tool to them to try. Sometimes they use the tool sometimes they just splash! It is great fun!

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