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My Top Favorite Art Games

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Who doesn't love a great game? I know I do. Children and adults of all ages enjoy playing games. So why not have your next game night be a creativity building art game? This month on Thursday September 29th the studio will begin hosting Grownup Game Night...with an art twist of course!
If you are unable to attend or not in the area, don't fret! I have a list of my favorite creativity building Art Games complete with links on where to find them so keep on reading!

  1. TAG the art game. This game is awesome for all ages. It can be played solo or with a group. It inspires multi media art exploration. You can purchase this game on Amazon with art supplies included or without!
  2. Roll a Picasso, or a monster, or a landscape... This is a great game to play alone or with as many people as you want. I have played this game with kids and adult. It is a ton of fun! Pinterest has a ton of inspiration for this game. I have included a FREE PDF printable of my own game board as one of my free gifts when you join our mailing list! (See the side bar).
  3. The Exquisite Corpse This game is great for groups of three. You will need a sheet of paper and a pencil or other drawing material. Fold the paper into thirds. Each player will take turns drawing. The First player will draw a "head" making sure to extend the lines in a couple of spots below the first folding line. They then fold the paper back so that their drawing is no longer visible, and pass the paper on to the second player. Player two draws the "body" starting at the reference points left by player one. They then fold their portion over and pass it to the third player who uses their reference points to draw the "Legs and feet." The picture is then revealed! I like to have each player start a head and then pass them that way at the end each player is left with a finished creature! Larger groups can also play this way. Check out this video on You Tube to see how it is played!
  4. Rapid Doodle is a game for 2-4 players. Each player is given a card with 4 of the same shape on it. They then have a minute to turn that shape into 4 unique doodles. When time runs out players then compare their doodles. Similar doodles are crossed out and points are awarded for unique doodles! This game is perfect for all ages! It can be purchased here on Amazon.
  5. Scribblish This is not a game I currently have but it is the next one on my list to get! Scribblish is a game for 4-6 players ages 8 to adult. It is by the makers of Cranium. Imagine the childhood game of Telephone turned into a drawing game!  Each player has a clue either a doodle or a caption from which they create either a doodle or a caption. As you move along clues/captions change from the original leading to hilarious results! This game can be found here on Amazon.
A quick Amazon search will turn up many other fun art related games. I have not played them all but I have fun looking around for the next one to try! If you are local I hope to see you at one of our game nights! If not please let me know how you and your friends like these games. I love to hear from my readers!

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