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Art Prompt 10- Collage Manadalas

9:00:00 AM

Material List:

Thin card board (poster board or old cereal box work well)

Protractor or a large circle template (you could trace a mixing bowl)

Collage supplies:
-Scrap paper
-Old Magazines
-Bottle caps
-Dried pasta shapes or dried beans
-Other misc. small bits


Various hole punches if using paper

Glue (glue stick works well for paper but craft glue or hot glue will work better for heavier objects)

Find the center point of your circle and start in the middle. I like to start with a small circle but you could use a different shape. Work your design from the center out to the edge. With a mandala the patterns repeat around the circle. I found that the multiples of 5 worked well for me and the size circle I had. I used 5 repetitions of all the main shapes around the circle and filled in with smaller shapes between the main shapes.

Go ahead and lay out your entire mandala before you begin gluing pieces down so that you can make sure you like your pattern. 

Bonus Idea: My kids did this with me and they found that they had so much fun experimenting with various collage materials and designs that the decided they would not glue them down at all! The just kept the template so they could create mandalas over and over.
Found Object Mandala Collage

Paper Mandala Collage

Dancer 3D Mandala Collage By Leslie Ellingburg

I loved this project so much that I thought we should do it for our Fall Break Kids Camp. We have spent the last 3 days in the studio doing a mini camp based on our Adult Yoga and Art Series. The camp was a huge success! Each day we had an animal themed yoga class followed by an art project based on the yoga class and then free create time. The kids had a blast, I had a blast, and Leslie Ellingburg our Yoga teacher had a blast! We will absolutely have to offer a similar camp again.

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