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Art Prompt 11- Play with paint

9:00:00 AM

For this weeks prompt we are going to play with paint. There is no right or wrong here, the idea is to let yourself play and see what happens. There is no need to control the outcome, just let go and explore the medium. See what unfolds!


  • Paper or sketch book
  • Paint I recommend acrylic for this but if you have tube watercolors that will work too.
  • Old business card or plastic card such as a used gift card.
  • Detail paint brush 
  • White gel pen (optional)
To begin choose your colors of paint. I used Bronze Yellow and Burnt Umber from Liquitex, Iridescent Pearl from Golden, and Process Magenta from Daler-Rowney. I also used a white uni-ball gel pen.  

Start by adding spots of color to your page. I used the Magenta, Pearl, and Bronze for this part saving the Burnt Umber for later.
Next, Close your book (or if you are using a sheet of paper fold it in half). Press down and squish all that paint together, let it spread and mix as it will...
Open your book (or unfold your paper) You will have some sort of a symmetrical blob of color. You can choose to leave the symmetrical painting alone or you can manipulate it further. I chose the later. The paint at this point will be fairly thick  so I used an old business card to scrape into the paint allowing the colors to mix together a bit more. 
 I scraped in a curved almost circular motion. I decided to leave it here at this point, but you could scrape it again in a different direction or even close the book (page) again and allow it to squish a second time. I went ahead an let it dry at this point.
I liked how it was looking but I wanted to do more with the negative space so I went back in with my Burnt Umber and a small detail brush to paint small clusters of circles. you could also use lines, spirals, dots, squares, or any shape to add interest to your negative space.

I liked how that looked, but I felt it still needed a little more so I went back in to my paint splotches and added some more circles with the White Gel pen.
The finished piece!

This might not qualify as "Fine Art" and it is not destined for a gallery, but for 45 min or so I played. I let go of all expectations and just allowed myself to explore the materials and I am happy with the result. When I finished I felt a sense of accomplishment. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed, and that is what process based art is about. It is about opening up and allowing yourself to experience the materials, giving in to the moment and letting your creativity flow. Human beings are natural born creators, ask any small child!
I challenge you to play with paint this week. Let your creativity flow. If you feel like sharing the result of your play session, I would love to see. Leave a comment with a photo of your work or a link to it below.

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