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Art Prompt 12- Line Drawing

9:00:00 AM

Happy Halloween! Here is a little art prompt to help you chill and relax after your busy Halloween festivities...
I have been very inspired by line drawings lately! I find them to be very relaxing to do, almost meditative. I also love the look of an entire page covered in lines!
For this prompt you will need

Start by placing a line randomly on your page. This line could be anything you want, short, long, curved, straight, zig zagged...

Now add some weight to sections of your line for visual interest by thickening the line in some places. Next draw a line in response to your first line. This could be an echo line or it could bisect your first line, again this could be anything you want. There is no right or wrong.
Continue drawing lines in response to your previous lines until your page is filled up. You may wish to color in some of the shapes that your lines create.

After my line drawing was done I decided to add some details to my lines with my white Uni Ball gel pen. 

I love the finished piece! It was so relaxing to just sit and draw lines in this way. I played some Native American Flute Music in the background while I worked which really added to the calming experience for me.

Here are some other examples of beautiful line drawings I have found on the web. I hope they inspire you as they have me!

Image source 1, 2, 3, 4

As always I would love to hear from you about your experience with this prompt so feel free to leave a comment or a picture of your take on this prompt.

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