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In the studio: Fall Break Yoga & Art Camp

9:00:00 AM

Last Week was Fall Break for Knox County Schools and a busy week for me and the studio! We started out with a short mini vacation for me and my family. My mother lives up in Ohio so we hopped in the car for a little road trip to visit her and to check out the sights in Ohio.

House Rock and Old Man's Cave at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio

After a fun and relaxing trip we jumped right into our Fall Break mini camp here at the studio. Our camp this year was based on our popular yoga and art class we have each month for adults.  We offered it Wednesday through Friday from 9:00-Noon. We had kids ranging in age from 6-10. Each day Leslie Ellingburg led the group in a 45 min yoga practice with an animal theme. We then spent the next hour or so on an art project inspired by our yoga practice. The remaining time the kids were given freedom to create whatever they wished. We had a ton of fun! Check out their awesome creations:
Free Create Time
Day One, we did animal poses and then chose one animal from our practice to create a sculpture of. 
A Bullwinkle sculpture from free create time. 
Day 2, we brought in stuffed buddies for "partner yoga" then we painted  portraits of our buddies.
Two friends worked together each day on this ballroom dance scene during free create time.
Day 3, for our final day the kids decided to bring back their buddies. After the yoga practice we all made collage mandalas.

If you are interested in making your own collage mandala I described our process in this weeks Art Prompt, so check it out!

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