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Art Prompt 13- Zentangle Therapy

2:08:00 PM

It has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately. So today's art prompt is one with a therapeutic focus on self care. Let us unwind, and focus inward. Let 's create beauty while we exhale...  Turn on some music and breathe while you allow your mind to focus on the repetitive shapes and lines created by your pen as you draw. Keep in mind that the goal is not a representative work, but rather a harmony of shape and line.

Zentangle is a relaxing, meditative, and soothing. Read more about it by clicking the link provided.
If you are local and could use a bit of art therapy consider joining our Zentangle club led by a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) Amy Broady. We meet each month read more about the club here.
Next meeting is Nov. 10th at 6:30 $15 REGISTER HERE

This Zentangle inspired doodle was done in my Art Journal not on a Zentangle tile.
Start by drawing a loose scribble (string)
Next use each of the shapes to create a doodle (tangle) in. Allow your mistakes to happen and don't worry about the outcome, just let it unfold!
If you want to learn specific tangles please join us each month for our Zentangle Club meetings where we learn a new tangle each month, relax and socialize. REGISTER HERE

If you are not able to attend, no worries there is plenty of Zentangle tutorials and inspirations online to get you started. Enjoy
As always I would live to hear from you. Leave a comment below...

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