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Art Prompt 14- Line

6:00:00 AM

Sometimes it is hard to feel inspired to create. Sometimes we just don't feel that creative, but...

So when this happens to me I find that the best way to get going is by drawing some simple lines!
This can be hugely therapeutic as well if you are having a stressful day! There is no need to think to much about your lines. They don't need to be perfect. They don't need to be straight. They can be close together or far apart. They can go off in different directions or they can respond to each other. Just pick a starting point and draw a line. Then draw another line, keep going until you fill up your page!

I recommend using an ink pen for this exercise so that you can not erase. If you have the option to erase you become more focused on getting it "right" The focus here should not be on the perfect line, but instead on the process of making lines. Any paper will do. I like to work in a sketch book/art journal.
Try listening to relaxing music or white noise while you work for added relaxation!

Enjoy the process, notice how your pen glides along the paper. As you draw your lines you might just begin to notice ideas forming in your mind for new drawings. Take a mental note of these ideas as you work and revisit them later, let your creativity unfold!

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