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Social Art

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I believe that creativity is best when it is shared with others. That does not necessarily mean that you have to set up a gallery showing of your work, although you could! There are so many ways to share your creativity with others. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to share my creativity!
 5 Ways to Share Your Creative Spirit

Make it a social event! 

There are loads of ways to do this from community events such as wine and painting/crafting evenings to just having a few friends over for an evening of crafting!

  1. Join a community class. It is always fun to learn with others.
  2. Grab a few friends and head out to a gallery or museum. Many cities have an art walk event each month. Here in Knoxville we have the  First Friday Art Walk It is a ton of fun to explore the area galleries and shops each hosting a new artist opening. There are usually appetizers and beverages, sometimes even live shows. These events are a great way to share creativity with others and support art in your local communities!
  3.  Join a monthly club or meet up group with a creative focus. Many communities offer such groups from knitters circles to art clubs see what your city has to offer! At our studio we offer a monthly Yoga and Art Class and a monthly Zentangle Club.  If you can not find a club that meets your needs consider starting your own! There are also some wonderful online communities that offer a virtual social art experience. 
  4. Game night, with an art twist of course! There are some awesome art games out there that will get you creating and laughing with your friends, who knows you might even end up with a piece of art! I am starting a new grownup game night in our studio this month which will hopefully develop into a monthly event!  Here is a blog post about my top favorite art games and where to get them!
There are so many great way to share your creativity with your community, friends, and family! I would love to hear other ideas you have! Feel free to write back and let me know how you share your creative spirit!

 I would like to ask a favor of you today. If you have a friend who you think would benefit from adding  a bit more creativity to their life, would you please pass on my information to them. I would love to meet them and share my passion for creativity with them as I have with you! Thanks so much, friend.

Roll a Picasso Game

This is a fun game that can be played alone or in a group of any size. All you need is the FREE printable PDF game page I created just for you (Click the Picture above), a die to roll, some drawing paper, and something to draw with!  If you have a large group you might consider printing multiple sheets. 
I have played this game with all ages, children through adults and it is a ton of fun. Try these ideas out for a fun twist on the game:
  • Allow players to color in the drawings with colored pencils or crayons.
  • Have the players pass their drawing to the next player after each roll to create a community drawing.
  • Give each player a canvas to draw on and then they can paint the drawing when they are done for a one of a kind work of art to take home!

*This is not an original idea of mine, though I did create the game sheet above. The roll a Picasso game has been played and enjoyed by many people throughout the years. A quick online search will show many variations on the game such as roll a monster, roll a creature, roll a landscape... So if you enjoy this game perhaps check out some other variations or create your own!

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