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Meet our Summer Camp Team

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As Spring Break approaches here in Knoxville, and the temperatures fluctuate between tolerable and cold...and the rain and thunderstorms set in, I have been thinking about summer!

It is one thing that has been very hard for me to do since I opened this business, planning so far ahead, lol. It does not come naturally to me. I tend to be a last minute sort of person. I have been doing better and better though and this year I am pleased to say that I got all of our Summer Camps planned and ready to sell by my deadline! A huge victory for me!

I am getting very excited about the upcoming summer as I think this round of Summer Camps offers a little something for all children. These camps will all include fun themes, projects, stories, and amazingly talented artists/creatives to guide the children through the camps each week.

Read more about all of our Summer Camps here!

If you register in the month of March you save $20
Uses the code EARLYBIRD when you register online!

I am excited to be joined this summer by a fun and talented team I would like to introduce to you.

Jennifer MacIsaac (Me)

Haha, I am always behind the camera, it was hard to find a picture of me! This one is after Messy Baby Art and the babies had painted me...

For those who don't know me, my name is Jen. I am the co-owner and manager of the Basement Community Art Studio. I have a background in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design as well as Art. I have also done some training in Montessori. Though I ultimately did not continue with that path, I have always been interested in working with children. I teach the majority of our Kid's Art classes here in the studio. I believe in fostering a creative spirit through a mixture of structured art lessons and artistic free play. I try to incorporate plenty of both in all of my classes. I am so excited about the fun camps we have this summer. I can't wait to spend the summer creating art with your creative kiddos!

Read more about all of our Summer Camps here!

Gayle Browne

Gayle telling a "campfire" story to a group of campers .

In addition to being my mother, Gayle is a storyteller and musician. She will be my partner in the Reggio Art Camp, the Art and Science Camp, the Fiber Arts Camp, and the Art Around the World Camp. She will lead the children in camp songs, and movement games between art projects, and she will also be providing the storytelling element of these weeks. Gayle has worked with me as my partner in the very first art camp we offered in the studio in 2015 (pictured above). She has also partnered with me on several other projects at the studio including our Creative Self Care Series, about fostering a creative life for adults! I am very excited to have her working with me on these camps!

Dorothy Verbick

Dorothy teaching Watercolor techniques to a group of adults in our studio.

Dorothy is the art teacher at Vine Middle.  She has also taught our popular Intro to Watercolor Workshops here in the studio.  She is very interested in the connection between art and mindfulness and its benefit to children. Dorothy will be my partner for the Art & Mindfulness camp. We will be working with children to foster their creativity through mindful art exercises, which encourage creative self-expression and a sense of calm. I am very excited to be hosting this camp with Dorothy!

Jody Collins

Jody teaching future designers about layout in his Basics of Graphic Design course.

Jody is a professional graphic designer and the owner of Feral Giant.  He is also the President of the Knoxville chapter of AIGA, a professional association for graphic designers. Jody has a passion for giving back to the Knoxville community and part of that passion extends to the education the next generation of graphic designers. He has been teaching an 8 week class series called, Basics of Graphic Design here in the studio and has agreed to lead two separate summer camps (one for ages 8-11 and a second one for ages 12-18). We are very excited to host Jody for these two awesome camps this summer!

Read more about all of our Summer Camps here!

We look forward to seeing you this summer for an awesome, creative good time!

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