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Introducing Plum Print

7:55:00 AM

OK you guys I am really excited to introduce you to Plum Print! I found them on Instagram a few months ago and I was hooked by this fun little game they play called:

Fridge Art or Fine Art?

I am going to show you a few of my favorites that they have posted so that you can play too! Here is the catch...

I am not going to give you the answer! If you want to find out which is which you will have to click the link under the picture to go to their Facebook page and find out. While you are there be sure to like their page and check out all that they have to offer, then come on back over here because at the bottom of this blog post I have an exciting offer for you! So let play.

Here  are the rules: 

One of the pieces of art in each picture set was done by a professional artist and is hanging in an art museum or gallery, the other piece was done by an amazing child artist somewhere between preschool and high school age! Can you tell the difference? Click the link below the picture to find out which is which!

Find answer HERE

Find answer HERE

Find answer HERE

Find answer HERE

Pretty fun game huh? I thought you would like it as much as I did!

Q: So other than this fun game, what does Plum Print do?

A: Well, they take your totally awesome children's art and turn it into high quality, glossy paged books!  You can see samples here.

Once you sign up, they send you a shipping box which you can fill with your child's art, both 2-D and 3-D art, anything that will fit in the box.
Next they digitize your child's art and send you a digital portfolio to approve.
Finally they create a bound book from the stack of art you sent! You choose weather it is hard bound or soft bound and you choose the size book you want from the dimensions available.
(Prices vary depending on the amount of art work you send and the type of book you select.)

Once your child's art is digitized they create you your own personal shop where you can purchase other items made from your child's art.

You know Grandma would love one of these awesome throw pillows made from little Johnny's masterpiece!

Your child's art is unique, a true one of a kind!

Your child's art is unique, a true one of a kind, but we all know how quickly the fridge fills up, and yes you can frame a few pieces, and perhaps store a few more, but the rest? Is it destined for the recycle bin? You simply cannot keep it all!
 I know. My youngest makes probably 20-30 pieces a month either in our studio or at school. I absolutely can not keep everything, but here is the answer. Plum Print can preserve it all for you. So you get to keep the art without the clutter, brilliant!

Once they have digitized your child's work you can choose to to allow them to retire the original pieces or you can pay a small fee to have them shipped back. The choice is yours!

Now for the fun part...

Special Offer

Like I said earlier. I found them on Instagram and got hooked by their awesome game. I looked them up on Facebook to ask them if I could share their game with you because I knew you would love it too. They responded by offering to partner with me to be an art drop off location for Knoxville! As part of the deal, you get to save $25 on your book order just by bringing it here to our studio! Cool right?


Now it gets even better! You also get to help our studio too. For every sale through our event, Plum Print will give our studio 10% of the sale. Awesome right?

 You help us provide art classes for area kids!

All of the money we raise from this event we will be setting aside for our scholarship program which will help local kids attend art classes, art camps, and open studio sessions here in the studio!

How to participate?

We will be holding a drop off event early May here at the studio.

We will be collecting art from May 5th through May 12th. You can drop you child's art off and fill out your order form here in our studio. I will collect all of the art and ship it out to Plum Print on Monday May 15th. After that Plum Print will deal with you directly to send you a proof and complete your order!

Special Opening Event

When: May 5th
Time: 6:00-8:00
What: Opening Reception

Come in to the studio, check out the sample books, and enjoy some refreshments on us!
If you know you want to order a book feel free to bring the art work with you and we can get you all set! If you want to check it out in person first, no worries you have a full week to drop off your art and place your order!

Can't make it out in person?
Well Plum Print has also provided us with a special link where you can order online and still take part in our special fundraising event virtually! I just love technology, don't you?

Be sure to follow Plum Print on Facebook and Instagram as well, so you can keep playing the game!

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