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About our art clubs...

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This term we have created two art clubs for kids. These clubs are designed to engage and foster creativity in your children. We offer two different age groupings so that the activities offered are appropriate for each group. A description of both are listed below, click the club title to go directly to the registration page for each club!

Preschool Art Club is offered Wednesday and Thursday Mornings from 9:30- 11:00. This group focuses on children age 3-6 years old. The cost for this club is $85 a month if you select to come one day a week or $125 a month for both days ($85 for one day plus $40 for the additional day).

Painting with rubber bands, What happens when you pluck the band? Did you hear that sound? What did the paint do?


This art club is designed to engage the child (age 3-6) in an environment that fosters creative play, inquiry, problem solving, self expression, and exploration. For this group we are influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood.
Exploring Clay with loose parts; Bring nature indoors with nature mobiles; Exploring symmetry in leaves 

Our projects will be very open ended and process based. Children will be encouraged to follow their own natural curiosity as they explore the materials and the many creative possibilities each material provides. We will incorporate many aspects of creativity including visual representation, story, dramatic play, and song each month. The focus will be on discovery and self expression. The classes will follow the interests of the children present.
A game of Simon Says with an art twist.
Parents are encouraged to drop their child off for this class and enjoy a little time for themselves! Parents who wish to stay are always welcome and they will be considered class volunteers. They my be asked to help with hand washing, basic clean up, or reading a story.


After School Art Club: is offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 4:00-5:30. This group focuses on children age 6 and up. The cost for this club is $85 a month if you select to come one day a week or $125 a month for two days or $165 for all three days ($85 for one day plus $40 for each additional day).
Paper Sculptures; Mixed Media birch trees; Fabric collage


This art club is designed to foster creative thinking and self expression in school age children age 6 up (to around 12 years old.)
*Older teens (12-18) are encouraged to join out Teen Independent Art class which will also meet during these same days and times. In this class teens develop their own projects and work with me on a consultation basis.  Please click the link to find out more about this option for older kids.

After school kids working on balance sculptures.
For this After School Art Club we are influenced by the TAB model for art education (Teaching For Artistic Behavior), which incorporates a lot of choice based art. We will be using a modified TAB approach for this Art Club because I feel that a key to successful choice in art is in learning the capabilities and limitations of the various materials. Since we have constantly rotating classes and students, being able to do this in a full TAB approach is more difficult. We will instead be incorporating a variety of techniques in our art club including:

Observational skills using a still life; Complete the picture, sketchbook prompt, Exploring Pop Art

  • Personal sketchbook prompts
  • Traditional teacher led projects that focus on skill building as well as producing a finished piece of work. These projects will vary and include elements of creative choice in each project.
  • Artist Study
  • Cultural Art Study
  • Art Games that build creative choice and thinking.
  • Art Challenges
  • Collaborative group projects.
  • Each day will culminate in creative free time where students will have full access to our general supplies for their own creative projects.
2 of our favorite Art Games: TAG, a mixed media game that introduces multiple supplies and layering techniques; Roll a Monster, a fun game where the roll of the dice tells you what to draw for crazy combinations! 
General Note:
These classes will all respond to the interests of the children in the group. Because it is important to build community and trust within a group we encourage you to come for multiple months to gain the full benefit of the experience. We do however understand that families and children are very busy so please feel free to come even if you can only commit to one month! 
*A one time trial class is always welcome as well for those on the fence, please call to schedule your class if you are interested because we will need to make sure it is a day we are working on a new project and are not in the middle of an ongoing project.

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