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  • Spring Break: No Regular Classes March 12-16! Special Spring Break Open Studio Hours (March 14-16, 3:30-5:30).
  • Summer Camp 2018 registration is now open! Check them Out HERE.
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  • Please note that our classes will follow Knox County Schools for inclement weather closures.
  • Refund Policy: Due to the fact that we order supplies and pay our teachers based on student enrollment, refunds/make up classes can not be offered due to missed classes. Refunds or Make up classes can only be offered if the studio cancels a class.
Zentangle club, one of our monthly adult classes. Lead by Amy Broady, CZT

Commonly asked questions:

What makes your studio unique? 

The About Our Studio page will tell you all about our studio and our vision! Also check out the Meet Our Teachers page to read about the awesome artists who teach our classes!

What Classes do you offer?

Be sure to visit our Online Store to see all of the classes we are currently offering for infants, children, and adults! You can read about each class and register online! Our regular classes are listed in categories by age, but be sure to check out the special events section for unique events and classes that might be happening for adults or children. These change monthly.
Or Click on our Studio Schedule to see the whole studio schedule and calendar view.

What kinds of art do you guys do in the studio classes?

We believe in offering lots of creative freedom and choice in our art classes. It is our goal to help foster creativity. Check out our Instagram Gallery to see what our artists have been up to recently. I post frequently, so be sure to follow us, and check back often.

Want to make sure you don't miss any of our fun events? 

When you sign up for our newsletter you will get a monthly calendar update of our upcoming classes and studio announcements, you will also get a weekly blog update with any new posts that have come out that week, including our online virtual book club reviews! As a bonus you will receive 3 welcome emails when you first sign up which offer creative tips and printable prompts to get you started creating!  SIGN UP HERE

Students from Fiber Arts camp showing off their hand sewn bracelets.

Want some creative inspiration? 

Check out our blog topics:

  • Around the Studio, will give you a glimpse inside our studio and some of our classes!
  • Give it a try, from time to time I post a tutorial or a fun project idea you can do from home or in our studio!
  • Inspired By..., I am always finding inspiration for creativity. Here is where I share some of those things with you, from books to products, or other artists. I hope they provide you with creative inspiration too!
  • Artistic Play, this topic is all about the kids! I am inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach for young children and the TAB or choice based art approach for older children. I believe children's art should be a multi sensory experience and should appeal to their natural curiosity while encouraging creative choice.
  • Fostering Creativity, I believe that all humans are creative beings and that our creativity can be nurtured and fostered. As adults we often label ourselves as either "creative" or "not creative." I hear so many adults say, "I don't have a creative bone in my body." I do not think this is true, however. I think that these adults are simply blocking their creative potential. So in this section I offer tips and ideas to help you foster your own creativity! 
  • My Art, I try to live what I teach which means that I spend time creating my own art as well as teaching. Some of my art is what I would consider display worthy, some is perhaps more "unfinished," and some is even down right ugly! I think though that there is value in the creating so even the ugly art can bring me a sense of accomplishment... when I can enjoy the process of making without being overly concerned with the finished product. 

Enjoy this quick video tour of our studio!

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