At the Basement Community Studio we thrive on donations! Donated art supplies allow us to keep costs down for our artists. It also helps us to keep our nontraditional supplies fresh and interesting! There is always something new in our bins to work with, thanks to generous donations from the community.
*please note that we do not yet have our nonprofit status so donations are not tax-deductible.*

Cash Donations

Consider donating to our scholarship fund. All cash collected through donations will be used to provide scholarships for individuals in our community who wish to attend a class or camp. If you would like to give a cash donation to the studio please click here to go to our online shop. Donations can me made there through our square account. 

Acceptable Donated Supplies

Consider checking out our Amazon Wish List for art supplies we are currently wanting/needing for the studio.

(Items that have been crossed out are not in need at this time, and items in bold are very needed)

We believe that most things have more than one use. We encourage our artists to look at everyday objects in a new way, to use their imaginations and create art out of "junk." We also know that many artists and crafters out there have stores of unused supplies collecting dust in the dark corners of their craft rooms. We hate to see these things go to waste when so many artists young and old could be inspired by them. It is for these reasons that we began our recycled art supply program. Simply bring in your unwanted supplies and small odds and ins

Each bag is worth $2.00 off your admission to come in and create with us. (Limit one bag per artist.) 

All donations must be clean and usable. They may be new or gently used. 

Paper- All plain paper in all colors or white, specialty paper such as water color paper, corrugated cardboard pieces (no large boxes), small boxes  (cardboard jewelry boxes, cigar boxes...),mat board, poster board, foam core, sturdy cardboard tubes, 

We are currently not accepting: unused scraps of wall paper, scrap book paper, wrapping paper

Fabric- pieces of fabric (1/2 yd min), upholstery samples,  carpet samples, felt, feltable wool pieces, ribbon, trim, burlap, sewing needles, embroidery floss, and thread, yarn

We are currently not accepting: yarn 

Art Supplies- Paints of all kinds (used is ok as long as it is still usable), art pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, erasers, all types of art glue, paint brushes of all types, canvases, art paper, Mini glue gun sticks for low temp guns only.

Craft Supplies- corks, straws, small tiles, soda can tabs, bottle caps, craft wire, sponges, glitter, beads, feathers, buttons, sequins, small toys (mini figures/dolls, happy meal toys, board game pieces...), pompoms, googly eyes, stickers, jewelry clasps and supplies, Stamps, scrap booking supplies, hole punches, fake flowers

We are currently not accepting: Glitter, Stamps, Stamp Pads

Office Supplies- Scissors, tape (all types), staples/stapler, hole punches, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils, rubber bands, paperclips

Misc. Supplies-baby wipes, hand soap, paper towels

Containers- Small jars, small boxes, coffee/oatmeal canisters,  small bottles, cans
*Please no labels or sharp edges.

Wood- Wood scraps, small boards, plywood scraps, small blocks, craft wood, peg boards, cork sheets, corks, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, dowel rods, spools

Nature- sticks and small branches, Pine cones, Smooth river rock  2"-6" size, acorns and acorn tops, shells

Metal- screws, Soup /coffee cans (No Sharp Edges), nails, hooks, soda pop tabs, bottle caps, craft wire, old keys, knobs, Altoid/mint tins

Plastics- foam sheets, small colorful trinkets, bottle caps, straws, mini toys, spools

Vintage- vintage photos, vintage wrapping paper, vintage greeting cards, costume jewelry, buttons

Magazines/Books- Art Books, children's magazines, fashion magazines, photography magazines, National Geographic, home and garden magazines, Time, Life, People, vintage magazines
*please keep all images appropriate for children's eyes

**no text heavy magazines

Join the fun!

Join the fun!
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